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  1. Ambitious Explosion

    Ambitious Explosion by Lee Asher


    It was this effect by Lee Asher that influenced our own style of card magic and spawned a new generation of young magicians performing visual close-up magic.

    With three phases beginning with the Silver Surfer - an animated handling to double lift that instantly brings life to the effect, followed by Slap Happy - an awesome way to bring a selected card to top. INSTANTLY! And finally, ending with an Ambitious Explosion , still one of our favorite four-ace productions.

  2. Sybling

    Sybling by Lee Asher


    This highly stylized, full-deck, false cut is suited for beginners and designed to emphasize the power of the routine it's used in. Created in homage to Chris Kenner's classic cut, 'Sybil,' this graceful maneuver is guaranteed to impress all watching.

    Grab your deck and learn this stunning technique right now.

  3. Panini

    Panini by Lee Asher

    Ace of Spades magically transforms into the signed selection. It's simple, direct and a lots of fun to show around. These are three qualities we've come to appreciate in Lee Asher's material - and Panini is no exception. This entry-level card routine is impromptu, works under fire and never fails to impress.

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