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  1. The Art of the Con by Paul Wilson

    The Art of the Con by Paul Wilson

    A sucker is born every minute. In this world, con-men are lurking everywhere – and these days it’s never been easier for them to dupe us, steal from us, and infiltrate our lives. One of the world’s leading and celebrated experts on the art of the con, R. Paul Wilson, takes his audience on a tour through the history of scams, their variations, how to recognize them, and a guide to arm yourselves with knowledge. Wilson has spent a lifetime performing, studying, and teaching the ins and outs of the hustle, becoming a master in backroom deceptions. The same ruses that have left countless broke, and without a paddle. A treatise on devious dishonesty, The Art of The Con will leave you protected and enthralled with the dangerous underpinnings of the con world. Hardcover. 368 pages.
  2. Killers by Paul Wilson

    Killers by Paul Wilson

    Perform relaxed miracles with R. Paul Wilson’s compendium of fantastic self-working and semi-automatic card effects. The routines within Killers* have been carefully developed over three decades- designed to completely baffle and entertain both laymen and magicians, with no difficult sleight of hand necessary. Whether it be conjuring a thought of card, dealing any four-of-a-kind called for, or performing Sympathetic Aces without gaffs, Killers provides a series of in-depth one-to-one lessons revealing every detail, and the choreography to inspire the strongest reactions possible. Killers is a course in powerhouse card magic- a personal tuition on turning simple processes into unforgettable magic.
  3. Think Stop

    Think Stop by Paul Wilson


    A collection of two effects beautifully condensed into one routine. Think Stop is a powerful cold-reading effect that requires very little skill.

    From a shuffled deck, instantly know what card your spectator is thinking of. Then, without looking at the card, cause it to rise from the deck.

  4. Bullet to the Brain

    Bullet to the Brain by Paul Wilson


    A unique twist on an old Harvey Rosenthal idea where two jokers appear around a thought of card. In this method Paul Wilson not only predicts the thought of card but causes it to vanish.

    In hindsight you achieve two effects in one, both a prediction and vanish of a thought of card.

  5. Cam Con Transpo

    Cam Con Transpo by Paul Wilson

    Paul Wilson explains two methods to achieve a classic plot in card magic originally created by Bill Goodwin and later popularized by Ernest Earick. The magician places the Aces face down in four different parts of the deck. In waving the four Kings over the deck they magically transpose --- the Aces are now on top and the Kings in four different parts.
  6. Double Lift Workshop

    Double Lift Workshop by Paul Wilson

    Expert magician and sleight of hand artist Paul Wilson walks you through seven different methods for the Double Lift, an essential move in card magic. Learn refined technique on classic double lifts as well as a never before published method.
  7. Fair Deal Kid

    Fair Deal Kid by Paul Wilson

    From a shuffled deck your spectator is asked to gather a group of cards, at random, onto the table. It's at this point you instruct him/her to deal the cards into three poker hands using a "secret code" known only to gamblers. The end result is a miracle. Fair Deal Kid is completely self-working and can be performed instantly after watching this tutorial.
  8. Mechanical Fan Steal

    Mechanical Fan Steal by Paul Wilson

    The deck is fanned and a card cleanly inserted. By the time the deck is closed the card is already palmed! This is one of the most direct card controls in Paul's repertoire. It works like a well oiled machine and is probably much easier than you might think!
  9. PUT it in the Card Box

    PUT it in the Card Box by Paul Wilson


    PUT it in the Card Box is Paul Wilson's refined handling of Eddie Fields Way ahead card to card case. After a spectator secretly writes down a prediction on a piece of paper five freely chosen cards are shown and placed face-up into the center of the deck. Astonishingly, the predicted card vanishes from the deck and ends up inside the card box. A miracle among card tricks that virtually anyone can learn in this eight minute instructional video.


    YAMFACAAN by Paul Wilson

    From a borrowed, shuffled deck of cards one spectator is asked to think of a card while another spectator is asked to name a number. Could it be that the selection is now at that position in the deck? Yes it can! In as fair as can be the magician deals down to that number to reveal the chosen card.
  11. Con Cam Coincidencia

    Con Cam Coincidencia by Paul Wilson


    A remarkable piece of showmanship that leaves your audience with nothing short of a miracle.

    In this interactive routine, the magician invites a few spectators to help. From a thoroughly shuffled deck, followed by a few extremely fair procedures, the audience encounters the most astonishing coincidence.

  12. Consistent Control

    Consistent Control by Paul Wilson

    The Consistent Control allows you to retain complete control over one to several cards after the deck is riffle shuffled and cut.
  13. Easy Aces

    Easy Aces by Paul Wilson

    From a shuffled deck, four random selections turnout to be the four aces of which vanish and reappear in this nearly self working routine devised by Paul Wilson.
  14. Killer Cop

    Killer Cop by Paul Wilson


    If you're familiar with the Gamblers Cop you'll be pleased with what Paul Wilson has to offer this time around. The Killer Cop is an excellent technique to steal one or multiple cards from the center of the deck in the natural action of cutting the deck.

  15. Paul the Paul

    Paul the Paul by Paul Wilson

    From a shuffled deck, the magician spreads the cards across the table and asks a spectator to select any four cards. They are the four aces.
  16. Triple False Shift

    Triple False Shift by Paul Wilson

    In card magic, controlling multiple selections simultaneously is an invaluable utility move that opens the doors to countless opportunities. The method offered here by Paul Wilson is among our favorite. Not only are you able to control one to several cards in the natural action of cutting the deck but the deck itself maintains order.
  17. FAN2C

    FAN2C by Paul Wilson

    Starting at: $9.95

    Imagine this, you're holding a lousy hand of poker spread at the fingertips. In a subtle action of riffling the edges of the cards, they seem to magically morph into a royal flush. The cards are visible the whole time and can immediately be handed out for examination.

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