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  1. Diagonal Palm Shift

    Diagonal Palm Shift by Ricky Smith

    First published in 1902 by S.W. Erdnase, the Diagonal Palm Shift - a secret maneuver for bottom palming a selected card placed into the middle of the deck - is explained in detail by one of this generations most beloved sleight of hand artists, Ricky Smith. In addition to the video tutorial we’ve included a copy of the original write-up which we suggest reading first. It’s only three pages so won’t take long. The video itself is nearly an hour and features an extremely detailed explanation from multiple angles along with guidance towards finding a plethora of variations and tricks from magicians such as John Carney, Dai Vernon, Bill Kalush, Paul Chosse and David Ben to name a few.
  2. Color Change

    Color Change by Ricky Smith

    Behold one of the oldest and most beautiful color changes in card magic. In this tutorial Ricky Smith teaches how to visually change one card into another along with one of our favorite card tricks by Victor Farelli called Up His Sleeve.
  3. Cherry Control

    Cherry Control by Ricky Smith


    Learn one of the most talked about card controls in card magic and a favorite among expert technicians. Because a card is controled in the action of a fan, there is built in motivation and nothing for your audience to suspect.

    Ricky Smith explains his Cherry Control in great detail, offering variations and applications for using this (fan)tactic control.

  4. Ribbon Control

    Ribbon Control by Ricky Smith

    A unique method for controlling a selection to the top of the deck while ribbon spreading the cards on the table. This tutorial is recommended for experienced card magicians with a basic knowledge of sleight of hand techniques.
  5. Nothing as it Seems

    Nothing as it Seems by Ricky Smith

    Ricky Smith is an underground sensation and is regarded by many to be one of the greatest practitioners of sleight of hand with cards. Ricky’s newest and finest set of lecture notes were written to accompany his lecture for the attendees of The Golden Gate Gathering convention. The contents are just as hilarious to read through as they are enlightening, and there are many gems hidden within. The essays regarding overhand shuffling and second dealing are deep and thorough, and The Art of Using the Coat as a Servante has the potential to change your life. Also included are details regarding his fascinating exploration of the Diagonal Palm Shift, several entertaining tricks, and many improvements on techniques that you may already know. Printed exclusively for the the attendees of The Golden Gate Gathering. Offered here, are the last remaining copies. Each set includes a deck of Vintage Plaid, California Blue playing cards.

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