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  1. Cherry Control

    Cherry Control by Ricky Smith

    Learn one of the most talked about card controls circulating the magic scene. For years this technique for controlling a selected card to the top has been a favorite among professional card magicians. The actions are entirely motivated and there is nothing for your audience to suspect.
  2. Ribbon Control

    Ribbon Control by Ricky Smith

    A unique method for controlling a selection to the top of the deck while ribbon spreading the cards on the table. This tutorial is recommended for experienced card magicians with a basic knowledge of sleight of hand techniques.
  3. Color Change

    Color Change by Ricky Smith

    Behold one of the oldest and most beautiful color changes in card magic. In this tutorial Ricky Smith teaches how to visually change one card into another along with one of our favorite card tricks by Victor Farelli called Up His Sleeve.

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