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  1. Vortex by Anthony Chanut

    Vortex by Anthony Chanut

    In 2010 whilst lecturing in Paris, we were amazed by Chanut's dexterous fluidity and high-speed artistic prowess. To us, the community was suffering a huge blow, having not appreciated such visual skill. We took it upon ourselves to produce his debut project. Vortex features a collection of twelve card flourishes, each explained in detail with on screen text and highlighted maneuvers for expedited learning. Shot on location in Chicago, the fast and unyielding speed of Anthony Chanut echoes nothing short of the tempo of one of America's finest cities.
  2. Digitals by Anthony Chanut

    Digitals by Anthony Chanut


    A whirlwind of a flourish from Anthony Chanut. Three packets spin haphazardly, as if struck by a Tornado, with an aerial finale.

    Digitals is only a tease for the cardistry to come on his upcoming project, Vortex.

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