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  1. AP Spread Control

    AP Spread Control by Alex Pandrea


    A bold new approach to Marlo's Convincing Control, a classic sleight in card magic. Devised by Alex Pandrea, the AP Spread Control is a universal tool for controlling a card to the top or bottom of the deck while out-jogged from a spread.

    Three techniques are explained, including a one-handed method that just might become your new favorite.

  2. T.O.P.

    T.O.P. by Alex Pandrea


    Alex Pandrea brings new light to an old move in card magic, something that should have been done ages ago. T.O.P. allows you to control a selected card to the top or bottom of the deck with little sleight of hand required. It can be used to force any card onto a spectator among other useful applications.

    Detailed explanation with 3 full effects included.

  3. Monet

    Monet by Alex Pandrea


    A new take on the classic Paint Brush Change by Roy Walton that allows for multiple color changes of a single playing card.

    On this tutorial Alex Pandrea teaches you the method in detail along with several neat applications.

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