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  1. Riffle Pass

    Riffle Pass by Chad Nelson

    Chad Nelson shares his thoughts on the classic Riffle Pass. Although the technique borrows ideas from many magicians throughout history, it's his own finessed touches that make this variation blazing fast and executable under fire as a color change.
  2. Svengali Control

    Svengali Control by Chad Nelson

    Svengali Control is an ingenious multiple shift that allows any number of cards to be controlled to the bottom of the deck in the casual manner of a dribble. It's so deceptive, it can even be done at a snails pace with nothing to suspect.
  3. Surfaced

    Surfaced by Chad Nelson


    Learn the most visual card magic ever created and a revolutionary technique called the Clip Shift that will change your card magic forever.

    The Clip Shift is a utility move, like a double lift. It can also be used to palm a card, as a color change, a control, a pass and so much more. It's a move with infinite possibilities and on Surfaced are some of Chad's favorite applications and tricks.

    Detailed instruction shot with two cameras in high definition for a crystal clear learning experience.

  4. Spread Pass

    Spread Pass by Chad Nelson

    Before he created the Clip Shift, Chad Nelson began work on the Spread Pass. 10 years in development, Chad finally tips his own thoughts and finesses behind this truly classical card sleight by Paul LePaul.
  5. Full Nelson

    Full Nelson by Chad Nelson

    The Full Nelson defines the term paper architecture┬Ł as both an artistic performance and sculpture. Created with a normal pack of cards, Chad teaches you how to build a nine-packet castle using just your hands. He then teaches you how to close it so the entire deck retains its order.

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