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  1. Sachoff Aces

    Sachoff Aces by David Williamson

    From a shuffled deck... wait, there is no deck! Sachoff Aces allows you to produces playing cards at your fingertips from thin air. Produce as many cards you like, or just the four aces. The method is surprisingly simple yet extremely effective!
  2. Top Change

    Top Change by David Williamson


    Discover the real work on one of the basic building blocks of card magic, the Top Change. Master magician David Williamson reveals 33 years of refined technique as well as invaluable tips on motivation, timing and misdirection. In addition, he also teaches two of his favorite card tricks using the Top Change and a neat little one-card production.

  3. Stabbed in the Back

    Stabbed in the Back by David Williamson

    More of a "stunt" or "display of skill" then an actual magic effect but in either case this quick litter fooler will take any onlooker by surprise. A selection is lost in the pack, then the Ace is removed and tossed into the deck from afar only to land perfectly positioned next to the selection à la ninja style.

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