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  1. The Latitude 2

    The Latitude 2 by Dominik Mastrianni


    Prepare to be astounded with Dominik Mastrianni's rhythmic flourishes and unique sleights of hand techniques. An up-and-coming artist that is sure to make a name for himself.

    We are honored to be releasing his first tutorial on Cardistry - The Latitude 2. Stay tuned, because there's more in the cards.

  2. The Longitude

    The Longitude by Dominik Mastrianni

    The Longitude takes the standard "Z-Grip" to a whole new level and opens the doors to many new concepts in Cardistry. Watch as Dominik maneuvers packets of cards around each other, reminiscent of Jacob's ladder - an ancient folk toy which results in a visual illusion of one block after another flipping over.

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