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Ace Fulton's Casino

Reprinted with an all new finish! Now availabe in Red Hot and Dodger Blue. Ace Fulton's Casino playing cards are available in both Cambric (Orange & Brown) and Ivory (Red & Blue). Unprecedented quality with a classic design.

For a limited time, Ace is offering 250 of his Midnight Fuel decks from his private reserve. Learn more.

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Dodger Blue
Red Hot
Tobacco Brown
Sunset Orange

Ace Fulton's Casino Playing Cards

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These souvenir playing cards are inspired by what was once offered complimentary to guests of Ace Fulton's Casino in Las Vegas. Reminiscent of vintage playing cards from casino's like Jerry's Nugget, the Ace Fulton's Casino Playing Cards combine that retro style with a modern stock and finish. And just like Ace's casino, no detail was left unnoticed, inlcuding a few "security" measures. We'll leave those for you to discover though. All in, they're the cards we've always wanted.

Printed by the US Playing Card Company and available in four colors and two finishes.

Cambric: Tobacco Brown & Sunset Orange
Ivory: Red Hot & Dodger Blue 

Designed by Brad Fulton and illustrated by Dan Phillips. 

For a limited time, Ace is offering 250 of his Midnight Fuel decks from his private reserve. Learn more.

Reviews (23)

By Benny B. 7:36 AM 11/30/13
After 1 year of using the same 1 deck I can confirm these are the most fantastic cards ever produced!

At the Blackpool magic convention this year I had this deck with me, it'd been used for 3 months already and after being handled by loads of people everyone agreed they were better than a brand new pack of bikes.

They have been all over the world with me and they have performed for hundreds of people, the best handling deck and it's a shame they are now out of stock!
By Alex Schaeffer 8:27 AM 3/19/13
Do you like great cards? Of course you do. That means you'll love the Ace Fulton's Casino decks. They're smooth. They're fresh. They're everything you want in a deck and more. And that's just how they perform. Did I mention they are really, really, really ridiculously good looking too? No? Well, they are.

Get a red deck. Get a blue deck. Get both because you don't play favorites. Because in this case both the house and the player profit.
By Max 10:06 PM 3/15/13
I've heard a lot about these decks and had to find out for myself. I got the Red and Blues and I have to say the Ivory finish is a nice change. Although not the greatest to fan with (only good for fans when fresh out the box) but the deck is great for cutting which makes it perfect for cardistry. I recommend that every card enthusiast should own at least a few of these decks considering they're very reminiscent of the Jerry's Nugget deck. I also love the casino theme and wished it was more popular because I'm a huge fan of casino style decks. So if you're looking for a change, look no further! The Ace Fulton deck will give you a unique experience as far as handling and a new feel for a deck. Over all I'm a fan of this deck and encourage people to buy it!
By Emmet 3:11 AM 3/4/13
This deck is by far the best one in the Fulton's line of cards. This deck has a classic and retro box with very nice embossing. Simple yet elegant. It also has really creative back designs were the words are shaped as aces, I also love the borders with unique edges. The cards handle really well and are great for pressure fans. The only problem I have with this deck is that I should have bought more.
By Shiraz 6:50 PM 12/1/12
When D&D called it the closest thing to Jerry's Nuggets, they were not kidding. I absolutely love the finish on these decks. As a matter of fact, I have the tobacco brown one in my hand as I type this review. I would describe the finish as a bridge between the Wynn decks and the nuggets. Even the ace of spades and the color tone on the paper are reminders of those amazing decks. The faces have a colored-sepia tone to them and the indices are smaller than usual, giving fans a refreshingly fuller look. This is one of the best decks to practice and/or perform cuts with.
By Jack 11:10 AM 11/23/12
These cards are simply incredible. The ivory finish is great for flourishing, it almost makes it too easy to do aerial flourishes because the packets stay together so well. The Cambric finish is also great awesome for card tricks. The colors on the cards look great as well. The only problem I have with these cards is the fact I didn't get more. Don't hesitate to buy these cards get them while they're here
By Herman 8:03 PM 11/14/12
No doubt, the Ace Fulton Blue and Red are the Next Best Thing to stand aside with the Legendary Jerry's Nugget Playing Card in your card collection.

Not everyone have the opportunity to own a deck of Jerry's, and it's pointless to own a replica. Ace Fulton is your choice.
By Alex 12:59 PM 11/6/12
I bought the first run of Ace Fulton's Casino and I completely fell in love with the Sunset Orange color scheme. And even better I loved the way they handled. These are perfect for cutting (flourish). Now I'm getting the Red Hot and Dodger Blue. You should get yours too!!
By Konstantin 7:34 PM 11/3/12
The box, the high-quality cards, the amazing feel and amazing performance quality of these cards is amazing. The box, just screams high quality.
By Martin 3:31 PM 11/2/12
If you're only use to Bikes and Bees, then these cards really are something else. They are cards of such high quality that it is difficult to explain except to those who already know. The claim is that they are D & D's take on Jerry's Nuggets. I cannot speak to this claim as I have yet to see a deck of Jerry's Nuggets in person. They are, however, amazing cards. Silky smooth, spread and faro like a dream. They feel better than brand new cards, and I've been using the same set from some time now.

There are some differences between editions that are worth knowing.

The first set, Tobacco Brown and Sunset Orange, are my favorite. They have this odd feel of being brand new and broken in at the same time. Style wise they are my favorite too. The boxes look better and the colours have a much more original feel to them. The court cards are not standard, just different enough to be different. The pip style is consistent. They actually look like something a luxury casino would make. They did not, like many, just make a neat back design and slap the regular faces on.

The newer set, the Red Hot and Dodger Blue, have a different feel. It has a plasticy kind of feel, but not cheap novelty card plasticy. If you've ever used an Alladin deck, that is what it is like. It's high quality, and does everything you expect a high quality deck to do, but the plasticiness makes it a little slick and takes some getting use to. Actually, if you have a problem with your hands beening too damp, the Red Hot and Dodger Blue might be perfect for you. I'm not so crazy about the colour. Red and Blue, same old. The red looks like the Sunset Orange except brighter, almost neon. The Blue is a very brilliant blue, and the solid colour of it really stands out. I would give this set a 4 1/2 just because I'm not crazy about the design.

All still worth owning and using. I'm hoping to get a dealers dozen of the orange and brown to get those lovely black ones soon.

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