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Bicycle: Split Spades

by David Blaine
A unique line of trick decks developed by David Blaine and his creative team exclusively for the US Playing Card Co. Each deck Includes an instruction booklet that will teach you a handful of powerful card tricks.

Recommended for beginners. Used by professionals.

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Transformation Deck
Discover Magic

Bicycle: Split Spades

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The Discover Magic (Stripper Deck) is a closely guarded secret that aids you in controlling playing cards. With this specially altered deck, you can control a selected card, four Aces, all the cards of a particular suit, and more. (Available in blue only)

With the Mind Reading Deck (Marked Deck) you will be able to read minds, find thought-of cards, and sort through the colors with superhuman speed and accuracy. Know the identity of playing cards without touching them and perform miracles. (Available in black only). DISCONTINUED

Transformation Deck (Svengali Deck) is a powerful illusion. All the cards are different as they select one. Then, you cause every card to become the one they chose. This is not just a good card stunt—it's impossible. But doing the impossible is what a magician does. The Transformation Deck is a powerful tool, but only if it is used properly. (Available in red only).

Each deck Includes an instruction booklet that will teach you a handful of powerful card tricks. Original artwork by Mark Stutzman and designed by David Blaine. Made by the US Playing Card Co.

Reviews (7)

By Martin 7:20 PM 4/4/12
I got the discover deck (strippers) and i really like them. They are very good for the price, the cuts on the cards and very smooth and subtle, and you get a hang for how they are used pretty quickly. It comes with a short list of a couple of tricks that can be done with them which is useful for getting a few ideas of how they are suppose to be used. I've also discovered a kind of research use for them, they are great for testing if a particular flourish leaves the deck in starting orientation. It's an easy way to see if a flourish will upset the order of a one back you might be using. Great for the price and fun to mess around with.
By Jason 11:13 AM 12/21/11
I think that all three of these decks are very good for any skill level, albeit starting out in magic or an advanced magician. These cards should always be used because the techiniques used in these decks are supreme.

Out of all three, I prefer the stripper or "discovering" deck. I've always been a fan of any stripper deck and having them in Split Spades format was just an offer I could not pass up. The "cut" on the cards were very professional, smooth unlike some where they're ragged and rough. For the mind reading deck, like others, I think the marking is very obvious can it'll be hard to fool anyone other than laymen. As for the transformation deck, it has it's uses but you have to be very careful about letting the spectator handle the cards. I feel that this is my least favorite because you cannot hand this out for inispection (unless you have the actual 1st edition Split Spades so you can swap after the trick)

The handling and stock is not as great as the 1st Edition Split Spades. However, I personally think the split spades run was the best deck created to date. These cards just do not handle as well and even after breaking into my discovery and mind reading deck they do not handle as well as my Split Spades.

Overall, I'd give these decks 4/5 because of the handling, and I think it would be better if they made an option to have just a regular, non-gaffed, deck of these cards (in all 3 colours). But that shouldn't be a problem if you already have those 3 colours in first edition.
By Derek 10:45 PM 11/27/11
The marked deck of cards (or the Mind Reader Deck) is by far my favorite. The split spade design is brilliant, and the cards are great; the kind of quality I've come to expect from the Bicycle brand. The Ace of Spades has a nice reveal and the marks, while not terribly subtle, are effective and easy for the performer to see. I use them a lot in my walk around routine as a back up plan, and they get a great reaction from the audience.
By Don 3:27 AM 11/7/11
First of all - these are Split Spades Lions, the same ones David Blaine was selling without the Bicycle brand name and packaging. Same quality, same design; only the Jokers and ad cards are different. Oh, and the fact that these are gaffed decks... :) Once you take them out of the larger box which contains the pack and the instructions, there's no markings on the actual tuck box to indicate any of these decks are gaffed in any way.

The Transformation/Svengali deck is exactly what you'd expect from a Svengali, just with a cooler back than basic Bikes. With a little work and the right materials, you can easily "transform" this pack into a more up-to-date Mirage deck; I find it gives a lot of Svengali tricks a bit more zing.

I wasn't as fond of the Mind Reading/Marked deck; I actually felt the marks were a little too obvious, but then again, you're talking to the guy who owns some excellent marked decks, including a few Ultimate Marked decks, so maybe the comparison isn't fair. Using them on an audience that isn't wise to marked decks, they'd work just fine as long as you can resist the old "Pick a card; your card is..." trick; it's the deadliest giveaway that you're using marked cards. Forget using them at card games - they'll pass the casual scrutiny of a magician's spectator, but if your players handle them enough, someone's bound to discover the markings, especially if you win just a little too many hands above par.

The Discover Magic/Stripper deck is one of those decks I carry all the time. It's a great alternative to using either Bikes or the cheapo decks with no finish, lousy stock and a silly-looking card back. The cut isn't too shallow for a beginner to cut his or her teeth with and they handle well.

If you're starting out, sure, get all three and get your feet wet; they're fun. If you're a bit more experienced, they'll still make good additions to your gaffed-deck collection and are a pleasant change of pace from the other designs you're used to seeing.
By jamie 3:37 AM 10/25/11
I have the marked deck from this set and it is great. When you know where the marks are they are easy to spot and identify. I have been using this deck for about 5 months and no one has ever seen the marks. The back design on these cards is very nice to look at. Although it says aircushon finish i feel these cards feel a lot better and last a lot longer
By Adrian 7:54 PM 10/24/11
These cards are great for anyone who is interested in magic or even just starting out. These sets include 3 of the classic decks used and performed by magicians for decades. I recommened all 3 of these decks to eveyone. They offer an extremley wide variety of effects and plenty of room for creativity as well. They are very beautiful cards and the possibilities are endless! Purchase immediately!
By Qingxiang 9:12 PM 10/23/11
Tired of using Bicycle, Tally-Ho and Bee for your tricks everyday? Try out this deck. Their back design is so cool and you will attracted by the detail of the art work. I have a friend who is a magician and when he first saw the mark deck, It took him half an hour to discover they system! I have been using this wonderful marked deck for sometime in my performances and no one has ever discovered the marks!

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