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Bruce Lee Playing Cards

In 2013 we teamed up with Bruce Lee Enterprises to produce a new deck of playing cards inspired by the martial arts master. Although they quickly sold out, this second edition has been updated with new quotes and features a brand new box design that showcases the unique quality of the cards.

"The possession of anything begins in the mind" and with these official Bruce Lee playing cards.

Featuring 52 philosophical quotes from the master of martial arts, Bruce Lee. 

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Bruce Lee Playing Cards

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In 2013 we teamed up with Bruce Lee Enterprises to produce a new deck of playing cards inspired by the martial arts master.

We are proud and beyond excited to present to you today, on Bruce Lee's birthday, the official Bruce Lee deck of playing cards.

73 years ago, the Year of The Dragon, November 27, 1940, on the hour of the dragon, Bruce Lee was born. Known to the world as a martial artist, actor and philosopher, Bruce Lee was a visionary, and continues to inspire new generations.

These playing cards honor Bruce Lee's legacy.

The Chinese dragon design on the backs of the cards celebrates his birth. The faces of the cards were inspired by the iconic tracksuit he wore in Game of Death, and feature a black stripe running through them, “like water”.

On each of the cards is a different philosophical quote from Bruce Lee's teachings. The Aces however, which are traditionally the most elaborate cards, were left blank to symbolize a free mind.

The special monogram brings Bruce Lee and Dan and Dave Buck together as one, unifying their art forms under the teachings of Jeet Kune Do, and Bruce Lee’s philosophy of using no way as way and having no limitation as limitation. In one direction, the symbol reads BL, flip it over however, and DB is seen, as if by magic.

The Jokers are no joke. In stark contrast with the rest of the deck are two black and white picture cards featuring Bruce Lee in action.


Reviews (5)

By benjamin 11:54 PM 3/27/15
This is probably the most memorable deck ever, for me, as a martial artist and bruce lee fanboy and magician, these cards are gods gift, they handle great and the design is fantastic , buy these, you wont regret it.
By Dylan S. 9:16 AM 1/14/14
This deck is not only a great way to show your love of the late, great Bruce Lee; the deck handles superbly and the back design looks great for flourishes. Overall, it's a deck that should be in every collection.
By Siddharth B. 11:57 PM 12/16/13
My advice to you guys would be to grab this deck while you can for it is a masterpiece and a memory of the Legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, and it's also Limited! Resembling the Chinese dragon, the back of these cards are definitely suited for cardistry, even though they may not be completely symmetric and are also a collector's item worth collecting. The cards are so simple and yet so fabulous. The best part of this deck are the wisdom quotes printed on the faces of the cards and the next big part is the combination of black & yellow colors used in this deck that truly reminds you of Mr. Bruce Lee. The deck itself when used, no matter for whatever purpose always receives high recognition from people. Especially when you flourish with this deck some people call you the modern day Bruce Lee! Seriously owning this deck is a great experience which is worth price you'd have to pay for the deck.
By Justin S. 11:17 AM 12/8/13
I received this deck as a gift. It is now one of my favorite decks. The back design is very artistic and beautiful. The faces of the cards are so simple, yet I love it! I always get comments about how good these cards are every time I use them in public. They handle great. This is a much get deck!
By Vivek S. 9:02 PM 12/3/13
The moment I saw them I wanted them. Haven't felt like this in a long while and I really do miss not owning the game of death playing cards. Hope I will be able to snag atleast 1 from the 8 mystery decks that I have ordered. These decks are expensive but without a doubt are worth the quality and effort they have put into it. Love the yellow black design, it's just awesome. Flourishing with these cards would make you feel like a martial artist of cards. The spring looks cool and hopefully if D&D could it up a free download of it for people who have bought this deck would be kick ass.

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