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  1. Antler T-Shirt: Dave

    Antler T-Shirt by Dan and Dave

    Support the D&D brand by sporting the majestic Buck on maroon. Limited to an exclusive run of 100, each tee is packaged in a custom drawstring back, and in addition - signed and numbered on a laser-etched wooden tag. Only the most comfortable cotton was selected for the production process. A perfect compliment to a pack of Antlers, pick up a tee today to look as sharp as your skills.
  2. Magic-Con Swag

    Magic-Con Souvenir T by Magic-Con

    Printed exclusively for Magic-Con 2014, these commemorative T-Shirts are printed on both sides and feature a list of all 30 presenters on the back side. Each shirt includes a Magic-Con Program (Blue) and blank journal (Natural). Limited quantities available.
  3. The Expert Playing Card Co. T-Shirt

    The Expert T-Shirt by Dan and Dave

    Designed in collaboration with The Conjuring Arts Research Center to commence the launch of The Expert Playing Card Company, LLC. Prior to the release of the Playing Cards the design was changed and we were left with a handful of T-Shirts. As of right now, there are no plans for a general release. Only a handful of these shirts were printed in sizes ranging from Small to X-Large. As a member of our Shop you can be among the very few to wear one of these awesome T-Shirts. Illustrated by Tom Lane. Printed on premium cotton.
  4. Smoke & Mirrors T-Shirt

    Smoke & Mirrors T-Shirt by Dan and Dave

    These beautiful new T-Shirts feature original artwork created by Si Scott for the Smoke & Mirrors finale. Available in charcoal and pre-washed for a soft and lightweight feel. Made in the USA from 100% cotton and professionally screen-printed with graphics on the front and back. Packaged inside a custom printed envelope.
  5. S.E.A. For Yourself

    S.E.A. For Yourself by Dan and Dave


    An exclusive collection of items from Dan and Dave's 2012 Southeast Asia tour. Unless you'll be seeing them live, this is your only chance to own a signed copy of their special edition lecture notes and tour T-shirt. The bundle also includes both the Year of The Dragon and Game of Death editions of Fulton's Chinatown playing cards, which have already become collectors' items.

    As a bonus, you'll receive a limited edition self-adhering patch made just for the tour.

    Limited to 88 autographed sets.

  6. Buck Logo T-Shirt

    Buck Logo T-Shirt by Dan and Dave

    After months in development we are proud to debut our new Buck Logo T. Illustrated by Dan Phillips and professional screen printed on premium cotton. Currently available in dark brown, these fashionable shirts are a great way to support the D&D brand while looking good at the same time.
  7. The Appearing Bird Cage

    The Appearing Bird Cage by Dan and Dave


    The Appearing Bird Cage is a marvelous illusion introduced in the late 1800s by French magician Buatier de Kolta, a contemporary of Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin who influenced the design of our Fantastique playing cards, which this illustration comes from.

    The T-shirt is made from a soft lightweight cotton and comes pre-washed. Graphics on the front, left sleeve and inside collar.

  8. Plumule des Cartes

    Plumule des Cartes by Dan and Dave


    The owl is a creature of great wisdom and has been closely tied to the world of magic for centuries. Imagined with a plumule of cards and illustrated by Iain Macarthur. For us, it's a metaphor honoring our passion to take magic to new heights.

    This lightweight soft T-shirt is currently available in a nice sand color.

  9. Ace Fulton's Souvenir T

    Ace Fulton's Souvenir T by Brad Fulton


    At one time, back in the heyday of Ace Fulton's Casino, souvenir T-shirts could be found in the convenience store among other gifts and sundries. Old inventory records tell us they were only offered for one summer and then discontinued, making them a rare item and therefore one we had to get our hands on.

    However, unlike his cards, we were having no luck with our search and thought they might be lost forever. Then, and to our great surprise, we uncovered boxes of old inventory while visiting Ace's ranch house in the Sierras. Stashed away in the attic were troves of gambling paraphernalia and inventory, including the T-shirts, of course.

    Only 100 were printed and even fewer still exist. This is your only chance to own a vintage souvenir from Ace Fulton's Casino.

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