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David's Cull

David's cull is a work of beautiful simplicity. He has engineered a technique that is as certain as it is ingenious. Spread through the deck once and you can instantly produce any cards desired. We've watched David perform it many times. If you're serious about sleight of hand with cards, this is an essential addition to your arsenal.

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Culling cards is an essential technique for the serious card expert and there are many methods available. Of these, David's Cull is one of the very best.

A Short story from our friend Paul Wilson, about David González and his amazing technique for culling cards.

In early 2012, while attending the Ascanio memorial convention in Madrid, I was shown one of the most powerful sleights I've ever seen.

At 3am in a small hotel just outside of Madrid, I was packed and ready for my 4:30am taxi. In the next room, Jason England was sharing with Derek Delgaudio. After three nights of non-stop sessioning, I needed an hour in bed to make it to the airport alive. I said my goodbyes, closed the adjoining door and lay down for an all-too-short nap.

Ten minutes later, I woke to someone banging on the door. There was something I just had to see. Half asleep, I struggled out of bed and shuffled my feet until I was standing back in Jason's room, shaking hands with a stranger. David Gonzales asked to borrow my deck of cards, quickly spread through, then finished with a cut. The reds and blacks were separated.

Suddenly wide awake, I shuffled and handed him the deck again. I blinked as I watched the cards quickly pass through his fingers. Again, the reds and blacks were apart. He repeated with the aces and kings and I knew I was watching something new.

David's cull is a work of beautiful simplicity. He has engineered a technique that is as certain as it is ingenious. Spread through the deck once and you can instantly produce any cards desired. We've watched David perform it many times. If you're serious about sleight of hand with cards, this is an essential addition to your arsenal.

Reviews (10)

By Elia P. 4:01 PM 12/14/14
This is one of the best purchases i have made in years! the method is genius, the explanation couldn't be clearer, and it's not as difficult as it looks. this turns lots of set-up tricks into equally effective impromptu tricks. just GREAT!
By Timmy S. 4:25 PM 12/19/13
I love this cull. I have been practicing this wonderful move, and it is totally worth it when you master it. Unlike some other culls, this cull is almost invisible. I love how there are so many applications and tricks you can do this for! Its absolutely amazing! I highly recommend this.
By Jonah 5:29 AM 3/30/13
I got the DvD today. David Gonzáles is a great teacher, and he shows everything from all views. Also, he teach how to do classics of the card magic like Out of This World with his Cull, and that is great because now you can do them impromtu.
This is one of the best purchases I have ever made.
By JMan 9:25 AM 3/17/13
The video is truly great, explaining every detail of the move in a step by step process, including several small variations. The move itself is great in its own right, as many have already stated. However, don't lead yourself into thinking that this is an easy move you can perform after watching the video one time! If you want this move to be invisible and deceptive, you will need to put it quite a bit of practice, and probably watch the video a couple of times at least. Overall, fifteen dollars on this is money well spent if you take the time to really get this move down. It has tons of applications!
By Nguyen S. 10:53 AM 1/10/13
I have used culling techniques in my card routines for more than 6 years. And this is the first time I see such an invisible culling. Can't believe what I just see. Completely stunning
By Arsh S. 10:52 AM 1/10/13
So I was shocked by the demo, and also thought I had some idea of the inner workings. I wasn't even close. This cull instantly replaced all other culls I know. It's simple, effective, and very versatile in the different ways to strip out the cards. I'm already starting to come up with ideas! It really is invisible. This is by far the best purchase I've made this year.

Couldn't recommend it more.

Thanks Dan and Dave. You guys rock!

P.S Keep an eye on David Gonzalez! Can't wait to see what else he comes up with.
By Jack C. 10:52 AM 1/10/13
This is not just groundbreaking, it's an earth shattering event in the history of card technique. Thanks so much David Gonzales (and Dan and Dave!)
By Antonio Iturra 10:51 AM 1/10/13
This is a wonderful release, probably one of the most important in card magic in the recent years.

A refinement which takes elements from the Cull and Green's GAS - and nothing like that -, with a diabolic twist, which makes the technique angle proof and deceptive as ever! This will definitely be in my repertoire. A difficult technique but worthwhile. As Einstein stated "Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler". What are you waiting for?!!
By Nicolas C. 10:50 AM 1/10/13
Clever, refined, beautiful, ground-breaking; but overall: invisible. I have always loved the concept of the cull and until now I have most used the "Roadrunner" cull and Lennart Green's V separation. However, after I came across David's cull, I was blown away! This is an outstanding variation and refinement on the cull. You can do it at a snail's pace or really fast from any angle, and no one will see anything. Get this for it will potentially change your entire repertoire! Your audience deserve's an un-detectable utility move that will render your magic even more incredible in their eyes. Thank you David for sharing this with us and I can't wait to see more from you!
By Alan P. 10:49 AM 1/10/13
After a while in card magic,I have become fascinated with the concept of culling cards,but I never feel confortable with the technique for more yhan one card.Now this clever magician came up with this amazing concept.Its simple, easy, practical, angle proof and have a ton of incredible aplications.If you have any routine with set-ups/ memorized decks,now you can give the espectator shuffle the cards!.And thats only the beginning, imagine doing such classics as Out of this world,Shuffle Bored,Neither Blind Neither Stupid,locating cards and Cutting the aces totally impromptu!

And my totally fovorite,the most clever triumph in history,with your spectators shuffling the cards!

Totally worth the money.

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