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Classic Clip

A unique collection of Card Clips handmade by Joe Porper and Dan and Dave in Los Angeles, California. Manufactured from a lightweight industrial strength aluminum.

Available in anodized black or silver, synthetic carbon fiber and cork. Choose one or collect all four. Designed to hold 52 cards inside a card box.

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Classic Clip

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A unique collection of Card Clips handmade by Joe Porper and Dan and Dave in Los Angeles, California. Manufactured from a lightweight industrial strength aluminum. Available in anodized black or silver, synthetic carbon fiber and cork. Choose one or collect all four. Designed to hold 52 cards inside a card box.

Classic Clip: Made out of the same anodized aluminum as the original, providing a lightweight and durable structure. The beveled edge has been reduced to a simple bend that hugs a deck perfectly, reducing the size and weight of the Original Card Clip.

Carbon Clip: Skinned with a carbon fiber synthetic that mimics the look and feel of the real thing without breaking the bank. Inspired by our taste for luxury, this new card guard not only protects your playing cards from the elements, but does so in style. If your magic needs an esthetic upgrade, the Carbon Clip has you covered.

Cork: New to the line is the Cork Clip, a silver aluminum shell hand wrapped in real cork. It's a perfect compliment to our new Vintage Plaid playing cards too.

Reviews (20)

By Jackson 3:05 PM 3/8/14
I didn't know what I was missing until I got a classic clip from D&D. This is certainly an investment, and I never leave the house without a deck of cards that has a clip around it. Not only do they do an excellent job of protecting the quality of the box (such as with your rare smoke and mirrors), but they also do a nice job of straightening out the kinks and bends that come from use if you leave them in overnight or alternate between decks. You will not regret getting one of these...and for the upgrades that D&D have made, the price is still incredibly low!
By Terence C. 9:32 AM 11/20/13
By far the best card clip I have used. I was not fond of the steel card clips I initially got, especially since they were factory-produced. Then I got the Porper clips. Hand-made. Just marvelous. Sure, it wouldn't bring your worn out deck to a COMPLETELY fresh state but it would bring it to as near a fresh state as it can be. Moreover, they look stylish. I own both the Black and the Cork ones, and honestly, they should be enough. But I just feel the need to get more. So if you don't own one yet, I STRONGLY suggest getting one. Try it out. Just don't end up addicted like I am.
By Judah 4:13 PM 8/28/13
This is extraordinary. I bought the carbon clip and it looked amazing. At first, the clip did not fit my deck, so the customer service provided me with the solution which is excellent. This clip is one of the best card clips I have used in my life, especially the carbon one, which has a great classy look and smooth feeling. When I take out my card clip from my pocket, there is someone who always asks me where I bought it. So far this is my favourite card clip ever at a very reasonable price. Whoever wants his deck to be well protected, I strongly recommend you buy this. You will never ever regret it.
By Petter 6:32 AM 8/20/13
This clip is amazing. I bought the cork clip, and bought it really just because it looks so great. I did not believe that my cards would stay i better shape, but they really do. The cards fan perfectly after they have stayed in the clip for a while. I give this clip 4 stars because my first tuck box got ruined because it was too tight, but after leaving the deck inside the clip for a day or two, the clip was better. The next tuck box didn't get ruined. You should buy this if you are serious about card magic.
By NABET 4:52 AM 8/10/13
I have the Cork clip and I never imagined it was so good. I think it's an essential accessory for everyone who like playing cards.
It keeps the cards in good conditions. It lengthens their lifetime. And it protects the box of your favorite playing cards.
The cork is very good and offers an elegant style that your audience will remember.
The most essential accessory for your cards !
By Steven 5:02 AM 4/18/13
A Joe Porper card clip is an essential for anyone who loves playing cards. For those who love to faro shuffle and spring cards, this is a must have and a godsend for keeping your decks in great working condition.
By Chong Ren 12:37 AM 12/9/12
When I first received the clip, it was a little too tight and I wasted a deck, fortunately, Customer service not only provided me with the solution and also sent me another deck. Now, the clip works just fine and my cards are as good as new. Definitely a good buy.
By Jackie 7:47 AM 7/27/12
The smoke and mirrors v6 are my favorite decks but they started to clump and warp horribly. I didnt know what to do so I brought a card guard but it didnt work. Soon I brought a joe porper card clip. I had a little trouble putting the deck in but after removing some cards it fitted and the cards came out amazinly! The fans were new and it felt like a new deck! Now I've owned this clip for 3 months now and its awesome!
By Antonio 3:55 AM 1/12/12
At first i was skeptical on if the pressure REALLY is distributed around the ENTIRE deck, and it did. I have never used cards that were kept so flat. After about an hour inside the clip, my cards felt brand new. Absolutely your best buy. If you are a real working magician, this clip is for you!!!
By Martin 11:32 AM 1/9/12
I once had a clip from another website that I was very unhappy with. It didn't actually keep my cards straight, it was oversized, and had a lot of engravings on it that I thought were neat at the time but eventually got tired of. I eventually lost the clip, but I didn't miss it and didn't bother going to try and find it. I order the classic clip (black) and it is a vast improvement over the other. Nothing engraved, but my cards have not bowed even a little since I've had it. It fits any deck I place in it and it looks very, very smart. Whenever I take it out of my pocket I notice many lay people admire it a bit before they ask what it is. If I lose it, I will definitely go back for it.

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