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Unlike any deck of playing cards you have ever seen. The box radiates a metallic, gunmetal shine, and the result is love at first touch. Featuring original artwork by Homer Liwag on the box, the back design, the Jokers, the Ace of Spades, and even each court card.

DeckONE v2 is the perfect union of Homer's formal training in Industrial Design and his passion for feature film conceptual art. A simple, sleek, modern design.

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DeckONE Playing Cards

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While the deck remains the same as the first edition, the box was redesigned to perfectly showcase Homer's original artistic vision. In fact, the new distressed metallic box resembles the original box after being worn down over several weeks in a jacket pocket - we just wanted to save you the time.

The box is made of paper 25% thicker than the Sentinel tuck case, and they are coated with a durable varnish. These cards protect themselves.

DeckONE features original illustration by Homer Liwag proudly on the box, the back design, the Jokers, the Ace of Spades, and even each court card. The Kings, Queens, and Jacks exude a unique patina.

DeckOne's industrial inspiration draws from over 30 years of television and movie production design, concept art, and illustration. While sketching Bat Mobiles and Colonial Viper space ships as a kid in the 70's, Homer dreamed of designing props and ships for TV shows and movies.

"I wanted the back design to appear heavy - like the giant otherworldly machines they depicted. For the case, I created the look of worn, military grade, black stamped steel by using thick metallic stock and subtle printing and embossing effects."

DeckONE v2 is the perfect union of Homer's formal training in Industrial Design and his passion for feature film conceptual art. A simple, sleek, modern design.

Reviews (10)

By Malachi 12:34 PM 12/7/12
These cards were truly designed for the modern card handler/magician.The cards handled perfectly straight out of the box. Even after I wore them to the hilt, they felt and fanned like new. I suggest you buy a few packs soon!
By Eric 5:51 PM 11/20/12
This is a fantastic deck! I love the space-age/grunge feel and the patina'd court cards. Since the box is 25% thicker, I've had NO PROBLEM whatsoever with my cards if they and the box drop or something. I've had it for three+ years now and it's still in excellent condition! My only issue is the Jokers; they're okay, but they don't really seem to make sense with the rest of the deck. They maintain the design aspects, but their figures are confusing. I'm still not sure what they are....
By Tim 9:37 AM 3/27/12
First let me start by saying the box is amazing. The embossing and metallic inks add a great look that convinced me it was real metal. When you crack it open the cards are amazing looking. They handle well but are a little on the thin side, which makes them crimp quite easily.
By M 3:54 PM 3/21/12
Suffice to say I bought three decks at the start of the year and I've only opened one deck. It still fans and handles as if I just opened the cellophane. I'm caught between wanting to open more decks and use them and wanting to lock them in a treasure chest.

Also the design is fantastic, I have gotten many positive remarks from spectators.

Will be ordering some more decks soon!!!
By JOM 10:13 AM 11/27/11
These have an awesome design and the finish lasts for ages! The fading on the court cards gives them a nice finesse and the improved box design is wonderful. I would highly recommend these!
By Jude Prudence 9:11 PM 11/17/11
I am a proud owner of two decks of the first version of these cards. And while I am not completely a fan of more modern, contemporary card designs such as this, Homer Liwag's execution of the industrial, science fiction look is fantastic and for those that greatly appreciate such themes, you will very much appreciate these cards. For those weary of wear and tear, the box, however detailed and amazing in it's metallic finish and embossing, it's thickness gives the cards the protection of an actual metal tin. And yes, the finish is incredibly good.

The only fault I can truly find is that the box can be just a little difficult to open, due to the lack of a thumbcut to push the flap open rather than pull.
By Super Robot Wars 11:33 AM 11/2/11
Homer Liwag has out done himself. First off the box is absolutely beautiful, when you open the box you will see three little bumps to give it a machine image and find Deck One: Industrial Edition written on top. At the very bottom the theory 11 logo can be seen but what I love most is the embossing on the back. The back of the box has the cards back embossed on it which is just AMAZING. It is probably the reason why this is one of my favourite decks. The shine of the box and feel when you run your finger across is brillant! I would've bought the box by itself it's just so good!

The cards themselves, are pure beauty. To begin the court cards have a rusted wash covering them giving an industrial effect and make the pips pop out.The Ace has a sort of lock in the middle and is split and is quite awesome to look at. The jokers to be honest look like faces! Believe it or not, they have two locks for eyes a squashed nose and a curve ( at the bottom which is hilarious. And neatly written joker along the side. The backs are a blueish grey and have a vault image.

The cards handle like butter, ribbon spreads flow without a problem. The cards glide of each other and stay in neat packets when doing flourishes. Cuts are perfect. In conclusion the deck is fantastic with beautiful artwork and smooth cards there's nothing to not like.
By adrian 8:22 PM 10/24/11
Wonderful deck and very creative. They feel great and will last you for a long time if taken care of. They will spark conversation on your audience as well!
By Haritaipan 5:22 PM 10/24/11
The deck gives a feeling of a robot machine which can enhance your flourishes if you add robotic moves. The handing of the deck is great. The stock and the finish are best! Moreover, the box is really thick so that it last very long for you. Just grab them and play outside.
By Alan 1:59 PM 10/21/11
Amazing design + Awesome Box + Beatiful Ace and Court Cards + Luxury playing cards = DeckOne v2

My recomendation : BUY IT NOW

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