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Fantastique is a beautiful deck of playing cards inspired by the apparatus of magic‘s golden age and the automatons of Robert-Houdin. It also happens to hold a secret of its own.

Never before has the mystique of magic been showcased on a deck of cards like this. A wonderful tribute to the art and a fun addition to your collection.

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Fantastique is a beautiful deck of playing cards inspired by the apparatus of magic‘s golden age and the automatons of Robert-Houdin. It also happens to hold a secret of its own.

When the cards are riffled through like a flip book, the illustrations come to life, animating two of magic's most famous illusions. An orange tree blossoms from an acrobats top hat while a women, having been sawed in half, is pulled apart.

Designed by Sveta Dorosheva, each illustration was meticulously altered to achieve the spectacular animation. Accompanied by two unique Jokers and The Turk, a mechanical chess player from the 18th century whom many believed possessed artificial intelligence, represented on the Ace of Spades.

Never before has the mystique of magic been showcased on a deck of cards like this. A wonderful tribute to the art and a fun addition to your collection.

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By HARRIS 7:01 AM 1/11/12
I dont know what else I need to say for this deck. Everyone else has said it for me. This is one unique deck since the back is different from one another. Maybe this deck is not perfect for magic since it has different back, but the handling is awesome. Too bad this deck is already out of stock, but you should look for it. Must have item for deck collector.
By Martin 11:59 AM 1/9/12
The back design is very unique looking. It is even more so when you hold it in your hand. You might not be totally sure your holding a deck of cards, but you are. When I first got my I couldn't bring myself to shuffle them because I just wanted to watch the animation over and over and over again. After about a week I finally brought myself to shuffle them and actually try a few tricks with them. They are standard D & D Quality, that is, amazing quality. The most surprising feature, to me, was the red cards being replaced with the silver metallic ink. The effect is jaw dropping, and the court cards look even better! This is the kind of deck you but on the shelf and bring down with the fine china. I've gotten tired of all the black and grey custom back designs that have been popular recently, but this is perfect.
By Anthony H 12:47 AM 1/4/12
This truly is a beautiful deck of cards; really living up to it's name. Though with the animation in the back design making this essentially a marked deck I cannot see myself using this for either games nor magic. Flourishes, yes, well, once I learn some, I ordered two decks because I really liked the look of the designs, and I wasn't disappointed in the least, they exceeded my expectations immensely, the level of attention, detail and passion Dorosheva puts into her work really shows not only in the cards themselves but also in the box design. A truly magnificent deck produced by Dan and Dave. C'est absolument fantastique.
By Steven 12:12 PM 12/30/11
I received these cards as a gift for Christmas and they look amazing. The flip book back is cool when introducing the deck to the spectators, or at the end of your performance. The backs make for nice fans and look great when doing flourishes (like the werm). I was very surprised that they weren't sold out and that I could get one because they were said to be so limited. Be sure to grab some before checkout because they'll go fast and you should enjoy them as well.
By Edgar 4:22 PM 12/21/11
These cards are so cool! I own 7 of them, and I truly love using them in Twilight Card routines. I truly love the design. The only thing I can complain is that instead of red pips, its grey pips, so they are not the best for color changes, but whatever. They kinda create this sort of fantastical appearance to your hands and deck!

I own smoke and mirrors, and let me tell you, these cards handle just as well as a smoke and mirror!
By Jason 4:30 PM 12/19/11
I finally got around to opening these playing cards today from my variety box. At first I was pretty sceptical and I didn't know what to expect from it because of the back design. I thought it looked too odd and it wouldn't look good in flourishes or even magic for that matter, I thought it was just a deck for collecting and nothing else.

Boy was I wrong.

The back design is so deviously unique it completely blows every other deck out of the water. As others have said before, the pictures do NOT do any justice for these cards. You really have to handle them to understand the beauty these cards hold. The artwork on the backs are just magnificent and I've performed with these cards and everyone asks where I got these from!

Another advantage I'd like to point out is the jokers; they are just gorgeous. The "appearing bird cage" motive is such great patter to use for a sandwich routine and making the selected card appear/disappear from the pair. Needless to say the AoS is also very nicely designed.

Overall, I thought I wouldn't like this deck, but I give this 6/5 stars! (If that was possible)
By Jeff H. 4:54 PM 12/13/11
The most interesting back design on a deck that I own. A must have for any card collector. A classic look. I look forward to see how others use this.
By Tristan 10:33 PM 12/10/11
This deck is Fantastique!

It handles superbly, they feel magnificent and the back design is absolutely AMAZING! The detail and stunning and the little flip book (flip deck) is amazing first one I have seen that isn't a trick, this deck of cards looks amazing whether you flourish, sleight of hand or just collect cards, I highly recommend this deck for EVERYONE! It is just magnificent. Absolutely FANTASTIQUE! (and stop correcting me with fantastique auto spell check, I know what I said)
By Chris 10:27 AM 12/5/11
These are probably some of the most artistic cards out there. They are absolutely gorgeous. The jokers are probably my favourite out of all of the other decks that I own. They are unique and scream beauty!

The lack of colour in this deck may be a turn off to some people but the light silver metallic ink definitely makes up for it (and if you ask me, looks even better than using reds). At first I was a bit skeptical but after holding a deck of these, I instantly changed my mind and, these cards handle just as well as you would expect from any Q1 deck. The spread, fan, and spring like a dream!

One other thing that may turn you off is the different backs, but trust me, if you perform magic with these beauties, no one will ever notice. There is so much else going on in the back design that even the toughest of skeptics won't notice. Besides, this is the only deck that has an animated back making this a truly unique deck from anything else out there... ok, well there is Cardtoon but seriously, is there any comparison here?

The Fantastique Deck blows any and all other decks out of the water when it comes to beautiful, artistic decks.
By Lawrence Koh 8:03 AM 12/1/11
I've had my Fantastique deck for a few days now.The box design itself is very attractive.The stock of the deck is very smooth and easy to spread. Good for both tricks and flourishes. And there are some 'secrets' in the decks that you should discover yourself.

This deck is 1 of my favourite decks to use in my show. Get yours today before it gone. It is Fantastique.

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