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Smoke & Mirrors: Deluxe Box Set

A legendary brand of playing cards known across the globe for their style, prestige and excellence.

Instead of releasing just another edition, we've reproduced the entire set combining everything we know about printing cards - over five years of experience. It has been our greatest undertaking to date and we couldn't be more proud of the result.

The set is just amazing!

Every detail was reexamined, refined and carefully produced. From the paper stock, to new artwork and even a custom seal that is perforated along the box crescent to more easily open the cards. Nothing was left out. They are perfect.

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Smoke & Mirror Playing Cards

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In the beginning, the Smoke & Mirrors were designed to be a personal deck. They were custom tailored to our taste with original art by Si Scott. We never imagined they’d be used by so many, let alone the best in the world.

For the countdown to the final edition of Smoke & Mirrors, we partnered with the best magicians and cardists across the globe to showcase the style, prestige, and excellence that is the Smoke & Mirrors.

Click here to see those videos.

When the Deluxe Box Set was finally released we announced an exciting new trailer contest that would award one lucky winner with a lifetime supply of playing cards (approximately 600 decks). Narrowed down to just one from nearly 100 submissions, we now present to you The Offical Smoke & Mirrors Promotional Video:

The grand prize, a lifetime supply of Smoke & Mirrors went to Bayu Ajie, Abie Jie Assegaff, Noer Reza, Alex Rudianto, Rama Dimasatria and Gior Getarcipta for their kickass video we call, The Agents. The video was shot by Abdul Kohar Zulkarnean and edited by both Bayu Ajie and Gior Getarcipta.

Reviews (33)

By Joshua C. 2:19 PM 4/20/15
It's the classic Smoke & Mirrors decks only more refined and polished than ever. Anybody who has ever held a Smoke & Mirrors deck knows exactly why you should own this box set. The Smoke & Mirrors series is a perfect representation of D&D. Simple design that screams class. I love these so much I had to buy 2.
By Mike S. 10:16 PM 4/5/15
When I stumbled across this "Deluxe Box Set" package, I figured I would order one to check it out.

The cards in this set do not disappoint.

After a couple of days practicing some flourishes and faro shuffles with a deck, I was satisfied enough with their quality to order additional sets, so I will both have more on hand and to justify opening and working with a second deck.

These cards are far better quality than typical Bicycle, Tally-Ho's, or Bicycle Masters. For comparison I opened a Bicycle "Ghost" deck I'd been saving and there's just flat-out no comparison; these are far and away MUCH better.

I have a single deck of "Pro XCM Passion" cards from "Handlordz" that is somewhat comparable in feel and cardstock quality...however, since all their cards (Dominion, Viper, and Passion) are sold out and out of print, you'll definitely have a tough time finding them, and pay dearly if and when you do. (At the time of this review, ebay had 3 listings for Passion cards, ranging from $23-$28 in price for a single deck.)

The Smoke & Mirrors decks are gorgeous to look at and a pleasure to handle. They fan, cut, and shuffle flawlessly and after several days have yet to pick up a serious ding that would make smooth faros or other moves difficult. Everywhere there are simple little touches that show the attention to detail, and increase the quality and artistic sensibilities brought to this set of cards.

My only regret is these are not a regular product-- I would gladly pay $100 or more for a brick of a dozen decks of a particular color and/or design. I hope D&D will reconsider discontinuing the line because they've put a lot of thought and work into these cards, and it definitely shows.

In case they don't reissue them, you'll be kicking yourself if you're a regular card worker and don't pick some up.
By Bijan 7:38 AM 2/21/15
I couldn't wait another second for this package to arrive. When it did, I was speechless... amazing display box quality with foil stamping makes this set look very artistic and very professional. Goes very well with my collection. All the cards are top quality and handle very well. Does everything a deck of cards is supposed to do. This set is a work of art, and you definitely must pick this up before they are gone forever.
By Romanrb 7:25 PM 1/2/15
These decks are the top of my collection. The deluxe set is object of envy among my mates. It's six colors look elegant in the opened box and it doesn't need other display case. I recommend to every collector to get theirs before they ran out of stock, I is worth every dollar.
By Justin C. 4:51 PM 12/19/14
These are some of my favorite decks of all time. This set fittingly wraps up the game changing series. For magicians, the handling and feel is supreme. They're also not too flashy to draw attention from the trick or give the impression of a trick deck.

For card collectors, how can you not have Smoke and Mirrors in your collection!? This set is the collectors set and is absolutely gorgeous.

You can tell the level of detail put into every aspect of these cards, tuck box, and display box. Buy a few, you won't be disappointed!!!
By Eitan 1:57 PM 11/6/14
The Box Set looks absolutely beautiful, and it looks great next to the rest of the Smoke and Mirrors in my collection.
By Niklas A. 9:30 AM 10/21/14
I've tried to get my hands on the Smoke and Mirrors for a long time, but never managed to. When the box set came out it was the perfect opportunity. The quality of the box and all the cards are amazing. Everything was carefully designed. From the new seals to the embossing, the Smoke and Mirror playing cards are the best I have handled. The cards have a unique feeling in the hand and they handle perfectly. The designs of all the cards are incredible. I would definitely recommend these cards to anyone, as you won't stumble across a set of cards this unique for a long time.
By Eduardo M. 12:46 AM 9/25/14
The box was everything I expected! Dan and Dave really out did themselves with this box set. They feel great in the hands and they gave such a smooth finish and elegant design as expected from them. Thank you very much.
By Kristin V. 8:34 AM 8/28/14
The smoke and mirrors deluxe box is absolutely amazing. I use mine on a daily basis and could not be more happy. Everything about this set was carefully thought out, resulting in a beautiful outcome. This product is worth every penny.
By Alvin 7:52 PM 12/16/13
This is the only way to get the v7 right now. Along with that are the best playing cards on the planet. All available in a robust deluxe box. Grab it while you still can. If only these cards last for ever.

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