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Variety Box, Endless Summer Ed.

Seasons will change, winds will rise, and time will continue its endless march. The beauty and nostalgia of summer is here one morning and gone the next with nothing but a warm kiss goodbye.

But for some, those dog days of beach musings and afternoon escapades linger.

For our next addition to the Variety Box line, it’s our pleasure to introduce Variety Box: Endless Summer Edition. Inspired by the gorgeous sunsets of Southern California, and the everyday promise of perpetual sunshine, we could not be happier with this unique selection of playing cards.

Limited to 144 numbered boxes. Signed certificate of authenticity included.

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Variety Box: 12 Unqique Decks of Playing Cards

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Designed to showcase each deck while keeping them secure. Beautifully packaged inside a custom carton incorporating a clear plastic window for display. Printed on premium craft paper with foil accents and embossed typography.

Anyone who appreciates playing cards and enjoys collecting them is going to love the Variety Box.

Our Endless Summer 2014 Variety Box includes the following decks of playing cards. 

  1. Boardwalk Papers
  2. Bee® "Watermelon" RJRTC
  3. Misc. Goods Co.
  4. Fontaine, Blue
  5. DeckStarter®
  6. Virtuoso, Summer 2014 Ed.
  7. Voltige, Parisian Blue
  8. Magic-Con 2014
  9. Smoke & Mirrors, Blue
  10. NOC, Yellow
  11. Bohemia, blue
  12. Polaris

Limited to 144 numbered boxes. Signed certificate of authenticity included.

Summer 2014: Thick Lines, Virtuosos: Spring/Summer Ed., HMNIM, Exquiste Bold, Clip Joint, Arrco® Tahoe, Private Reserve, Bee® RJRTC, Bruce Lee: v2, Smoke & Mirrors: Carbon, DeckStarter®, Whispering Imps: Special Edition Red Box

Winter/Spring 2014: HMNIM, Black JAQK, Whispering Imp, Private Reserve, ULTIMATE DECK, Fulton's Chinatown, Aristocrat®, DeckStarter, Fulton's October, Arrco® Tahoe, Clip Joint, Monarchs

Summer/Fall 2013: Vintage Plaid, Fraggle Rock, Misc Goods, Smoke & Mirrors: Carbon, Arrco® Tahoe, Bicycle® Skull & Bone, Clip Joint: Black Label, White Lions, Artisan, Fournier 605, Legends, Ultimate Deck

Reviews (9)

By Stuart 10:26 PM 11/22/12
Nice addition to my collection. Some very rare decks included along with some not so rare out of print decks. Well worth the asking price, very happy with the purchase.
By Jeff 10:11 AM 11/12/12
Any way you look at these Variety Boxes you are getting a fantastic deal and worth every cent. I personally own a v7 and and encore Variety Box. The box they come in looks elegant and really shows off the decks inside very nicely.
By Arjun 5:13 PM 7/21/12
I love my variety box! Not only does it come with 12 amazing and rare decks, but it also looks spectacular. This is by far the best purchase I have made from D&D!
By Markus 12:46 PM 1/8/12
Recieved my Variety Box a couple of hours ago. When I opened it I was stunned. Dan and Dave really knows what they are putting in this box. 12 rare decks I can't wait to use. Totally worth the money!!!!
By Jason 4:56 PM 12/1/11
I just recieved my variety box today in the mail, I was so excited to open them! When I did, it was actually breathtaking. The collection of cards in here ranging from a Smoke v3 deck to Aladdins, this brick is definitely my most prized possession. The fact that even the box is elegant is just icing on the cake. Hands down the best thing I've ever bought.
By Joel 6:21 PM 11/29/11
It was like Christmas morning today when I opened my front door and saw the package lying at my feet.

From the box that it was sent in, right up to the way it was meticulously wrapped and fitted, my 12 decks arrived safe and snug from the elements.

More than that, the signatures and the number on the bottom of the box added such a wonderful personal touch to it, making the entire collection even more valuable than it already is.

A beautiful collection in a beautiful display box.

Now that's art.
By Aaron 4:45 PM 11/22/11
Loved every version of these Variety Boxes. I completely admire Dan and Dave's selection they have picked for this box as they show a range of variety! Love it!
By Arko 4:54 AM 11/1/11
Finally, version 3 of the Variety Box! 12 rare or out of print cards, some worth up to $60 I have seen! 3 decks will pay for 12 you receive! On top of that, the custom brick box is made specifically for showing off in your collection. I am glad to say I am one of the lucky few to own such an amazing piece of history and an spectacular addition to my collection! You can't go wrong!!!
By Shane 6:28 PM 10/22/11
12 of the best decks on the planet, beautifully packaged, and now amazingly affordable. If you haven't got your hands on a variety box yet, get one while you still can! You can't go wrong.

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