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The Trilogy: andthensome

On this DVD, we take you further from the norm and offer our most out of the box thinking. With over 50 new creations and 2.5 hours of expert multi-camera instruction, this is sure to be an experience you won't soon forget. From beginner to professional, andthensome contains something for everyone.

Each item is broken down step-by-step for a seamless learning experience.

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The Trilogy: andthensome

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Over a year in the making, andthensome contains over 2.5 hours of new tricks and flourishes and everything else Dan and Dave have dreamt up with a decks of cards. Included are over 50 new creations including the much anticipated GOAT change as well as some of the most visual magic they have created to date.

Dan and Dave are known for setting trends in card magic and the content on this DVD is sure to continue this by inspiring both old and new magicians alike. Everything was filmed in crystal clear HD and shot from multiple angles for a seamless learning experience. Their instructional ability has evolved to an expert level as they not only go into intricate detail on all the mechanics, but explain the misdirection, and body language necessary to achieve maximum impact for each effect. For the more convoluted of sleights and flourishes, extreme close-ups and slow motion replays are provided for both an informative and enjoyable experience.

Portal: A visual teleportation of a selected card from one hand to the other. The effect combines a rhythmic display of cardistry and magic.

Osh Negash B'gosh: Imagine a card selected by being propelled through mid-air and caught between two mates. The card is noted and the packet placed on the table. Another selection is openly made and instantly changes into the first selection. When the sandwiched card on the table is turned over by the spectator, they find it to be the second selection. An extremely powerful table-hopping effect!

Encore: Perhaps the most direct handling of Dr. Daley’s Last Trick ever devised. The method here is far more devious than any previous version of this effect. Two red Aces are cleanly set on one spectators palm while the two black Aces are set on another spectators palm. With a snap they instantly transpose and the spectators can turn them over.

Hedberg All Over: A variation of Hedbergs Peak, this multi-phased routine demonstrates the transposition of two playing cards throughout the deck with each transposition becoming more impossible looking. On the final phase one of the cards is placed between the spectators’ hands and the transposition is carried on.

Maybe the easiest boomerang card technique you will ever learn. This age old method allows you to “flick” a card 10 feet away from you only to have it return to your hand.

Don't blink! You'll miss the fastest flourish ever invented.

M4 Hollywood
In this variation of Molecule 4 packets rotate, twist, and spin around each other demonstrating a chaotic but orchestrated rhythm or Cardistry.

A card is placed protruding face up in the deck. With the snap of the fingers the card instantly changes. The change can be done completely surrounded and you end clean with nothing but the changed card sticking out from the deck.

Shepherd Change
A card is placed protruding face up in the deck. On spinning it around it appears to morph into another card. You’re left clean with only the changed card sticking out from the deck.

Orbit: This unique technique for propelling a double from one hand to the other will attract attention from across the room. Use it as a double lift or a flourish.

Ginastaire: A flashy technique for spinning two cards as one on the back of your thumbs' knuckle. Can also be used as a flourish.

Spinning Top: Mimicking the action of one of the oldest recognized toys in history called a “top”. This double lift allows you to spin the cards on the deck or on a table in a fast motion while keeping them aligned.

Jones Change Variation: Refined with flare that only the Bucks could exude. This is an underground gem finally revealed that allows you to show your hand empty (with one card) before and after the change has been made.

Smoother: This impromptu technique allows you to rid the rough and uneven edges on most decks of cards.

Manfred Shuffle: A unique approach to the in-the-hands false riffle shuffle that borrows ideas from Ron Whol and Hank Miller. This method, however, puts the deck in full order without the need for a cut.

Simpler Switch: This sleight can be used as a one-for-one switch or a color change. The switch happens in-flight and the card appears to be in view the entire time.

2 Handed Pirouette: You all know the classic Pirouette flourish. Now learn this really cool application that's surprisingly very simple.Dr 90210: An updated handling of the Spin Doctor Double.

Spinning Table Top: Same as Spinning Top, but further explained on the table.

Hover Spring & Autocatch: One of the coolest tricks on the DVD in our opinion. It's a sandwich effect, but happens visually with a neat flourish you probably can already do, but don't know it yet.

Aerial Doubles // Tip: Tips and variations on the Aerial Double lifts explained.

Blind Bluff // Tip: One of the most beautiful and deceptive bluff passes you'll ever learn with an ingenious touch that allows a selected card to be controlled to the top.

Erdnase Go Rounder: Variation of Erdnase Go Round that allows for the packet to fly through the air from hand to hand and even around your back!

Back Flic: Variation of Flic that allows for the card to boomerang around your shoulder.

Jones Change Transpo: By use of the Jones Change 2, this effect allows you to show two different cards in each hand. Without ever touching hands, you cause them to switch places.

DD Square: An esthetically pleasing manner of giving the cards an all-around-square-up on the table. 

Double Pirouette: The classic Pirouette flourish done with two cards! And yes, they stay together as one.

Extra Features:

  • Trilogy Trailer
  • andthensome Trailer
  • Trilogy Bonus Video
  • Spring Jam 2007
  • Decknique Contest Video
  • Theory11 Contest Video
  • Jones Change Redone
  • +Yourstuff
  • Hank Miller Shuffle

Reviews (8)

By Layth 10:33 AM 3/3/14
andthensome is another amazing product from Dan and Dave. After going through all the DVD has to offer, I was amazed. The amount of material in this product far surpasses its value, I felt that $35 was well spent. The tricks offered are top notch, definitely something to add to any repertoire. The flourishes and sleights contained amazing ideas, some of which I use in almost all of my performances.

My only gripe with this DVD, is that some of the sleights and flourishes were based upon knowledge from the original trilogy, which I do not have. But even that did not change my mind about the potential of the ideas offered in this product.
By Michael C. 10:33 PM 11/25/13
While I expected there to be more tricks and flourishes, there were only four tricks and three flourishes, one of which was a variation of one shown on the Trilogy, which I had not bought. However, the DVD is still great, and has some great Extras. To make a long story short, buy the Trilogy before andthensome, and you are in good shape.
By James 8:24 AM 4/27/13
Not only is the false shuffle taught on this disc the best in-the-hands false shuffle I have ever seen, this dvd has a few things I'd never dreamed were possible with a pack of cards. This dvd will definitely enhance your creativity when handling cards.
By Alex 10:54 PM 4/7/13
The tricks in this disc are amazing. The quality of the dvd is very good because the teaching is very detailed, the sound quality is awesome and the whole disc was shot in HD. In the andthensome section, you learn even more concepts and variations, and in the extras sections you find bonus features including a few tutorials. I´d like to point out that this is a bonus disc for the trilogy, so it has some variations of tricks from the trilogy. Get this DVD especially if you have the trilogy. You will not regret it.
By Alexander 3:14 PM 2/14/12
This DVD is an interesting addition to The Trilogy series. It has very good ideas and tips for everything, and all the content is a idea for anyone to mess with. My favorite parts of this DVD are all the changes, M4 Hollywood, and Portal. Bottom line: highly recommended.
By Haritaipan 2:01 AM 10/29/11
I could say that this DVD is the Trilogy 4. The awesomeness maintains as in The Trilogy DVD set. This is another must have DVD in every magician house. Also, if you bought the Trilogy set, it would be impossible not to buy this one. There are many things help perfect the Trilogy set, also many new things that never have been mentioned before.
By Casey 3:03 PM 10/25/11
A great DVD that has some fun little flourishes on it as well as one of my favorite tricks Portal. I recommend this to anyone that wants some new ideas to play with.
By Juan Martinez 4:53 PM 10/14/11
This is an advanced review for andthensome, the bonus disc for The Trilogy. I saw it in its entirety before it was sent off for mass production. This was posted with permission by the Bucks.

Packaging & Case look: The packaging and case look will probably be very close to the ones fro the Trilogy, seeing as this is a bonus disk for that set. The build I saw was finished but still before mass production, so Packaging and Case could not be assessed at this time. Either way, Dan and Dave have done some very nice clean designs in the past, and there is no reason to believe that has changed.

Menus: The menus are very intelligently designed. There are tricks, flourishes, everything else, and then some and extras. When an area is accessed, there will be a preview playing in the same screen (much like Surfaced) and the performance, explanation and OTS (over the shoulder) sections can be quickly accessed from there. Again the menus are very clean and clear.

Effects, Tools and Others: This will be explained a bit differently from my previous reviews. The effects will still have the usual impressions, visual level, practicality and ease and personal score. The flourishes will have: visual impact, ease and personal score. The moves and advice given on the DVD will just have impressions and practicality.


The extras on the DVD include: The trilogy Trailer and Bonus footage, Spring Jam, Decknique contest winner and theory11 contest winner videos. The Jones change redone (teaching the original change correctly), and the Hank Miller Shuffle, which is a false shuffle that inspired the Manfred shuffle, taught elsewhere on the DVD.

Overall: As we have come to expect from the Bucks, the DVD has very high production values. The menus are clean and everything is easy to access. As a stand alone DVD andthensome was very well put together, but as a bonus disk for the trilogy you could not ask for more.

Recommendation: Simple: Buy it. I am sure members of the dananddave.com website will buy it regardless of what I say, but honestly, there is so much stuff on this DVD; the standard DVD price does not do it justice. Just watching it one time I was already thinking of small ideas, combos or variations that can be applied to the tricks, flourishes, everythingelse andthensome contained on the disk. I know many may see my other reviews and believe that I am sucking up but trust me, when you see what this DVD contains you will appreciate this recommendation much more.

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