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The Unreal Sessions

by Paul Wilson & Jason England
A collection of material filmed by Paul Wilson and Jason England while traveling across country for their 2012 Unreal Tour. Each Episode contains at least three items, whether it's a magic trick, gambling technique or card sleight is up to you to find out. Guest submissions include Dani DaOrtiz, Asi Wind, Gary Plants, Chad Long, and Dan Buck to name a few.

Purchase each Episode individually, as they become available, or buy the Season Pass (10 Episodes) and save a boatload.

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A collection of material filmed by Paul Wilson and Jason England while traveling across country for their 2012 Unreal Tour. Each Episode contains at least three items, whether it's a magic trick, gambling technique or card sleight is up to you to find out. Guest submissions include Dani DaOrtiz, Asi Wind, Gary Plants, Chad Long, and Dan Buck to name a few.

Episode 1: On our first episode Paul Wilson shares his favorite way to produce the four aces while Jason England tips his method for an old dealing trick called Conning Caveney (it fooled us). In addition to the valuable information shared off-the-cuff by the duo you get Dani DaOrtiz performing one of Hofzinser's many problems. And yes, he tips the method.

Episode 2: On Episode 2 Paul Wilson shares an impromptu coin trick with some loose change in his pocket, Jason England delights us with another impossible card trick, and special guest Gary Plants thrills us with an unpublished Dai Vernon trick. Unpublished until now!

Episode 3: Okay, in terms of material, this has to be our favorite episode so far. Boxed Transpo by Paul Wilson is one of our favorite card tricks to perform right now. The method is genius, and fun to perform! Jason England, who we should just start calling Forte Jr. continues to turn gambling routines into magical effects. The episode goes on with insightful information from the duo but the best part is when Asi Wind steals the show by literally fooling Mr. England with an impossible card location that you just have to see to believe. And yes, he tips the method.

Episode 4: On Episode 4 Paul Wilson and Jason England share unique methods for locating the four aces and special guest Lance Pierce turns a boring packet trick into a miracle.

Episode 5: On Episode 5 Paul Wilson shares a unique addition to a classic coin trick while Jason England continues to fool us with his gambling-themed card tricks. Special guest Mark Mason teaches a lovely card sleight that is sure to end up in your repertoire.

Episode 6: After a short break from the release of Episode 5 we continue the series with not one but two guest submissions. Watch as Christian Engblom demonstrates a wacky new rubber band effect while Paul Wilson performs and teaches what is now our new favorite card trick, courtesy of Wayne Dobson. Additionally, Paul Wilson tips his self-working color changing deck routine while Jason England demonstrates an old false dealing routine by LePaul.

Episode 7: Episode 7 starts off with special guest David Solomon who tips his unique method for the Oil & Water effect. Paul Wilson demonstrates how a spectator can shuffle a deck and manage to cut to the four aces. Jason England demonstrates his take on the Magician Vs. Gambler trick.

Episode 8: Join Paul Wilson, Jason England, and the amazing Johnny Thompson in our eighth Unreal Session.

Episode 9: Nine episodes in and we're still going strong. On this episode learn how to trick your audience into thinking you're a master at false dealing via a clever routine by Paul Wilson. Then, watch as Paul is badly fooled by Jason England in a dealing trick to find two selections. Finally, Dan Buck teaches a fun sandwich routine.

Episode 10: On the final episode in the series Paul Wilson shares a unique take on the Riffle Peek while Jason England continues to boggle our minds with gambling-themed cards tricks. This week, special guest Peter Duffie demonstrates what might be the easiest card trick in the series but surely one of our favorites.

Reviews (11)

By Timothy M. 1:06 AM 12/1/14
Inspirational! I really hope that there would be continued sessions. Paul Wilson did a great job on selecting tricks and balancing the material. Aside from tricks, each session carries some useful tips and insight.
Great job again!
By Jaehwan 11:51 PM 1/24/14
It was a good buy. I highly recomend it for magicians who wants to get great reactions from the spectators.

I bought the season pass and i think it's worth the money. I liked most of the tricks in the season. They end clean and dont have any dirty moves. The only reason for giving 4 stars is that most of the tricks require setups that take about half a minute or so. If you are a type of magician who don't like complicated setup I won't really recommend it. But don't get me wrong. Every single trick in the session will make you look like a pro and you will certainly get great reactions.
By Michael Six Muldoon 12:58 PM 1/17/14
Its wonderful to see other magicians as well as Jason and Paul showing some great effects. Asi's effect is simple and direct, great for any lovers of Tamariz.

Paul and Jason are always solid with there material.
By Scott 10:43 AM 5/15/13
I think the title of this idea says it all. These are sessions, not just instructional videos. I feel like the variety of different guest performers, the variety of tricks and concepts, the inclusion of some moves and sleights as well as full routines, and some of the discussion behind the methodology of these tricks all give more than just the routines themselves (and there are routines in here for everyone). This is as close as most of us will get to sitting down and sessioning with some of these guys, and the value of that is where this becomes really exceptional.

That being said, I know that some of the videos on the blog came about as a result of all of these sessions as well, and I was hoping that there would be more "other" footage between the tricks. I would love to see another season of episodes where more time apart from tricks is spent on discussions between these great minds in magic. My favorite segments have been the Dani's trick in Episode 1 and Asi's trick in Episode 3. Part of the reasoning behind this is that they are both killer effects, but most importantly, they are an opportunity to watch more than one magician discuss an effect. The "discussion" concept is something that I think is really lacking in the magic instructional "literature", and I think it is really valuable. Plus, these guys are our heroes...its really cool to get to feel like we are there with them.
By Gustavo 10:15 PM 5/11/13
The Unreal sessions are a really good buy. I bought the season pass and am very glad that I did; there is great material in every episode. There are some tricks that are performed but not explained that make you want to to pick up the original source, so in finding those tricks you will also find tons of very strong material that is virtually unknown, buried in the books that Paul and Jason reference.
Paul and Jason's material is mostly their own versions and improvements of other effects or previous plots. They are all very strong and some were immediately added to my repertoire. The contributions by other magicians are also very strong, and you can see that there was no filler. They managed to keep the level of the material very high throughout all ten episodes. A card trick by Peter Duffie in the last episode, I found particularly brilliant and just great to perform.
Highly recommended, and I hope they make a second season at some point!
By Alex Schaeffer 8:22 AM 3/19/13
With The Unreal Sessions, Paul, Jason, and The Bucks have introduced a very interesting format to the magic community. While all the episodes are indeed connected, each feel like a fresh mini project. I bought the season pass, and from episode 1 I was hooked. I especially enjoy the "Buried Treasure" aspect of the sessions, in which either Jason or Paul performs an effect but doesn't explain it. This lets you track down these fantastic effects for yourself in the books they tip.

If you're serious about great effects and plots (particularly with cards), this is a great addition to your toolkit. A number of these items have already made their way in to my favorite effects to perform. Notable items include Dani's solution to one of Hofsinzer's Problems, Wayne Dobson's Spelling trick, Paul Wilson's Boxed Transpo, Asi Wind's never-ending card trick, and Gary Plants teaching a Dai Vernon false center deal effect. Highly recommended.
By Brandon 8:13 PM 2/18/13
I just bought the 3rd part and was pretty satisfied honestly. Really wish the 3rd trick had a reveal. The first and last tricks on here were the best. Ive been using them both fooling magicians and regular ol people. Great reactions and fun to do. The 3rd trick I wasn't too thrilled with because it's a gimmick trick. If you are into gimick tricks it can be made very easily and is very powerful. 5 Stars!!
By Agaton 11:34 PM 2/16/13
It is a new concept. There are no previews on every episode but I had fun with each. Surely you will get something out of every one of them. I got the season pass, so here are my faves so far: Ep1 would be Dani DaOrtiz's solution to a Hofzinser's problem. A real gem! Ep2 would be Paul's coin effect from Larry Jennings with a surprise ending. Ep3 would be Asi Wind's spectator cuts to a thought of card. Aside from those, I like the concept of Jason's Conning Caveny and Paul's Box transpo. I already got a lot from the first three releases. That makes me thirst for more on the coming weeks. Good job guys!
By Joshua 10:52 AM 2/8/13
If you guys do not own any of the first episodes yet, and your a Jason England and Paul Wilson fan, this is a must have. I have the two first episodes and I am extremely happy about my purchase. They teach impossible locations, awesome poker demos, and much more. Highly recommended!
By Brandon 11:03 AM 2/1/13
The first two tricks performed and explained were both very unpleasing. They were both table tricks which is fine but the problem is they both require set up and there is no quick way to set up either of them. The second trick, in my opinion, is very impractical. Neither of these two tricks are horrible just tricks I would never use and don't feel were worth the money.

However the reason I gave this trick 4 out of 5 stars is because of the trick by Dani DaOrtiz. Absolutely awesome and almost worth the money its self. I performed it the day I learned it and just the second time performing it I was told by my girlfriend, who has seen all of my stuff, that it was her favorite trick. It's very fun and impossible to figure out. although it requires some set up, it's definitely worth it and the deck can be looked at with out noticing any set up and you end clean. The trick is then performed again with no set up at all. I have also performed it since then with out any set up simply by skipping the first performance.

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